Secure Your AnchorHog with a Masterlock Padlock

motorcycle with masterlock padlock
ABOVE: Motorcycle secured by an AnchorHog security anchor and Masterlock® Magnum padlock.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, US law enforcement is on high guard against the threat of looting and property theft. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to secure your valuable belongings.

Businesses in Portland, OR have seen an upsurge of break-ins since mid March, as much of the city’s business district has shut down. Ramzy Hattar, owner of the River Pig Saloon, decided to cover his windows with plywood to avoid being burglarized.

Hattar told KATU news that he’s heard of break-ins at several businesses near his bar, and was surprised by how quickly vandals came in after the March closures began.

“It’s sad. It’s the times we live in and, I think, I just gotta be precautionary and plan ahead and not allow it to happen to me,” said Hattar.

Similarly, homeowners unable to monitor their properties with their usual vigilance during the pandemic, are especially vulnerable at this time.

The good news is that you do not need to board up your windows!

AnchorHog products make it nearly impossible to steal your valuable assets. And when secured with a Masterlock® laminated padlock, your AnchorHog will offer even greater theft protection.

Masterlock’s Magnum Laminated padlock offers:

  • Dual locking ball bearings to provide superior resistance against prying
  • Stainless steel body cover for ultimate strength and weather protection
  • Octagonal shackles made of chrome-plated boron carbide – 50% harder than hardened steel, and offering supreme resistance to cutting and sawing

AnchorHog is here to support you during this unprecedented time. Our accessories, including the Masterlock Magnum, are all compatible with the AnchorHog security anchor of your choosing.

We sincerely hope that you, your family and co-workers remain safe and healthy in the coming months. And we take great pride in knowing that AnchorHog security anchors are available at an affordable cost, to protect what matters most in our lives.