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Security You Can Depend On!

Think about everything in your garage or outside your home, business or organization that could easily be snatched and stolen. Now imagine you had a simple way to secure it all — generator, air compressor, bicycle, trailer, patio furniture or any other valuable piece of equipment.

That’s AnchorHog® — a secure anchor that can easily attach to concrete floors or walls and many wood structures. No longer will thieves be able to haul your equipment away without confronting AnchorHog®.

AnchorHog’s® low cost, small size and easy installation mean that they can be placed in multiple locations around your garage, tool shed, business, school, marina or other location, to ensure that you can always have a secure connection available wherever you need one.

No security system can prevent a determined thief from trying to steal your stuff. But AnchorHog® will add a remarkable amount of added security that will ensure you are always protected with the best security possible.


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See How AnchorHog Works

AnchorHog® will hold up to 3 padlock connections.