Invented to secure belongings, anywhere.

AnchorHog® was invented to protect your personal property from theft. Our customers trust AnchorHog to secure bicycles, generators, patio furniture, grills and other valued items. If you can secure it with a cable, you can protect it with AnchorHog. Ideal for the home garage, tool sheds, schools, marinas, industrial buildings, and any other place that thieves like to target.

AnchorHog measurements

Small Footprint. Big Security.

AnchorHog’s interlocking base plate and top plate, prevent any would-be thieves from dislodging the unit from its mounting. Once padlocks are attached, it is virtually impossible to remove the AnchorHog from its secure position. Plus, each AnchorHog accommodates up to three padlocks to secure multiple items. Providing all this defense, AnchorHog weighs only one pound of high-quality metal!

Floor or Wall Mounted.

Install AnchorHog easily to the floor of a garage, a wall, sidewalk or any secure surface. Durable for use indoors or outdoors, even in harsh environments! Your shipment includes four anchor bolts to lock AnchorHog securely to the floor or a wall of your location. We provide simple installation instructions using everyday tools. And you can find helpful accessories like padlocks and cables for sale on this website for your convenience.

AnchorHog paddock application
AnchorHog design options

Easy to Relocate.

If you decide to move your valuable goods, simply take AnchorHog with you. AnchorHog is removeable and built to last a lifetime. And its simple installation barely leaves a mark when removed. Available in five finishes, AnchorHog looks great everywhere: black, red, yellow, stainless steel (for harsh outdoor environments) and the original zinc-plated. AnchorHog models are extremely affordable, you can install multiple units in several locations to secure your valuable items.