AnchorHog® is perfect for any location where you have something to protect and secure.

For home use, AnchorHog® is ideal to secure items in your garage, workshop, basement, storage room, deck, patio or poolside.

For businesses, AnchorHog® is perfect for securing items that are outdoors, around a building perimeter, in storage sheds or outbuildings, inside a manufacturing facility, marinas, park areas — anywhere you can use some extra security.

AnchorHog® Demo with The Weekend Handyman

AnchorHog® securing MotorcycleProtect Your Ride to Work and For Fun.
AnchorHog® securing TableSecure Outside Items from Walking Away.
AnchorHog® securing garage equipmentTie Equipment Together in Your Garage.
AnchorHog® securing generatorSecure Your Emergency Equipment When It’s Most Needed.
AnchorHog® securing trailerAdd Additional Security for Trailers.
AnchorHog® securing boatsSolution for Docking a Pond Boat.
AnchorHog® securing kayakStore Kayaks Outdoors, Worry-Free.
AnchorHog® securing grillAnchor a Grill and Chop Saw to Save Space.
AnchorHog® securing a HuskyNever Lose Your Best Friend!