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    • This is what’s included: AnchorHog, four (4) anchor bolts, installation manual, and a key chain.

    • Drill bits are not included but can be purchased from the website. If you purchase from the website, you can be sure that you will have the proper size and the highest quality for concrete and wood installation.

    • The AnchorHog key chain will help you identify the keys for your padlock. You never have to guess about the key.

    • They are not part of the package but can be purchased from the website to ensure that you have the proper size and quality.

Returns and Exchanges


    • There is a certain amount of skill level necessary. You must use the recommended tools and follow the instructions as provided on the website and with each AnchorHog.

    • Make sure you are using a hammer drill and it is on the hammer position. Also make sure that you are using a a high quality 3/16″ masonry drill bit.

    • You never know what is under the surface of the concrete. Try to move the installation to another area.

    • Check to see if the hole is 3″ or deeper and all concrete dust is removed from the hole.

    • Here are the things to check:

      1) Was a 3/16” masonry drill bit used, per the installation instructions?
      2) Was the hole drilled to a depth of 3″ or greater, per the installation instructions?
      3) Was the hole free of dust and/or debris?

      It is difficult to determine if the concrete material is the problem but here is a possible solution:

      Follow the installation instructions as before but use a shorter anchor screw – 1/4” x 13/4” Hillman or Tapcon brand anchors. These can be purchased at any Lowe’s or Home Depot stores.

Use & Care

    • Maintenance or care is not necessary. There are no moving parts or components to insure security of your equipment.

    • AnchorHog is made of heavy 12 gauge material and will withstand the weight of an automobile.

    • Yes. We would recommend using the Stainless Steel model for longer life.

    • You can if you make sure that the bolts are not exposed from the underside of the trailer.


    • The holes are 3/8″ diameter. The shank diameter must be less than the 3/8″ diameter hole. It is best to use the largest shank diameter for max. security.

    • Click on the “Product” tab in the navigation menu above. Now click on one of the AnchorHogs and the dimensions will appear on that page.

    • Certainly. The zinc plating will last a long time without showing signs of rust. If exposed to a harsh environment, you may want to select Stainless Steel.

    • All AnchorHogs are made of 12 gauge mild steel or stainless steel, formed to give the security of a heavy construction.