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So Happy with this Product“Albert Einstein once said ‘Everything should be as simple as it can be – but not more so’ This is definitely the case for my Anchorhog. The Anchorhog anchor is a beautifully engineered product that really serves its purpose. I was so happy with the design, install and functionality of the product. Thanks Anchorhog!”
Chris L. From Louisville, KY
AnchorHog used to secure boat
Works Perfectly for My Boat“It’s a great relief to return to my favorite fishing pond and have my boat still there. It’s a great pond on a not so great location. This is my second boat and it is quite secure. Your Stainless model works perfectly. Thanks for the super invention.”
Mike K. New Albany, IN.
secured kayak
Salty Air? No Rust Problems“I received my Anchor Hog about 3 months ago. The product was nicely packaged with screws, instructions, and a key ring for you lock key, nice touch. It was simple to install only took less than 5 minutes. I used the Anchor Hog to secure my 2 kayaks to my kayak rack. I purchased the zinc plated one due to I live on the Georgia coast and there is a lot of salt in the air which makes metal rust fast. Since I have installed it there has been no rust.

One extra benefit that I didn’t think of was using the Anchor Hog to anchor down my 2 kayaks during hurricane Dorian. After the hurricane passed the kayaks were still in place though the wind.

I recommend this product for security and wind.”
Byron L. from Brunswick, GA

secured bicycle
My Bike Isn’t Going Anywhere“I wanted to thank the inventor of AnchorHog, as this attachment truly made my day. I own an electric bike, and love riding it. I also I keep it at my Condo in Florida, as use it when I am there. Thus my problem, to keep it safe from theft, as costly to replace, and not easy, as I am gone for months. How to secure it to something solid, a real issue, and the solution; using AnchorHog, which is easy to install, not expensive, and works! It is so simple yet is perfect for what I need. I love this bike, and it is not going anywhere without me.”
Tom H. from Bonita Springs, FL
Extremely Confident“Anchor Hog is like no other product I’ve seen on the market. I’m using it to secure my equipment to my trailer and in my workshop. I’m extremely confident that my equipment is safe and secured. Installation instructions were well written and easy to follow. Even included hardware! Price is very reasonable. I’d recommend this product to anyone.”
Greg L. from Taylorsville, KY

Easy Installation“Just writing to let you know how much my wife and I enjoy knowing that our exterior grill is now secured! AnchorHog has brought this level of security to us in a clean and non-intrusive manner.The low-profile design enables us to install the anchor without worrying about tripping over it and at the same time enables us to roll the grill right over it too!

Can’t wait to purchase another one of the AnchorHog for our bikes and bench in the garden. The installation was easy, just followed the directions.”
Paul R. from Louisville, KY

Security While We’re Away“The AnchorHog is a great product for securing our personal items at home and at our lake cabin. We use the AnchorHog to secure the trailer which is used to haul our kayaks to the lake.In addition, we use the AnchorHog to secure the gas grill, generator and tools at our lake cabin.

On the home front we anchor the same trailer to the garage floor, along with other tools. Since 3 cables can be anchored and locked to the unit, the AnchorHog becomes a multiple security benefit.

We are very pleased with this added security of using the AnchorHog and recommend it highly for those who need the simplicity, security and safe-keeping of their personal property.”
Ron B. from Louisville, KY