Zinc Plated



MATERIAL: Designed of heavy #12 gauge steel, this AnchorHog® is pressed formed to ensure maximum strength and security. The outer surfaces are zinc plated for a protective coating that helps prevent corrosion.

DESCRIPTION: Four anchor bolts are supplied with every AnchorHog® that allow you to lock the device securely in place, whether mounted to a wall, the floor of a garage, a sidewalk or any other secure surface.

What makes AnchorHog® unique are the two piece interlocking components – the base plate and the top plate. Together, they prevent a would-be-thief from dislodging the AnchorHog® from its mounting position.

The ¼” carriage bolt is only designed to hold these two components together, and does not provide any security until the padlocks are attached.

After mounting and securing the base plate and top plate together, you can attach padlocks and cables to secure your equipment and other valuable items.

Once a padlock is attached (up to three padlocks maximum) to the AnchorHog®, it is virtually impossible to remove the AnchorHog® from its secure position, and it becomes much more difficult for a thief to walk away with your stuff!

USES: The zinc plated AnchorHog® is generally used inside or under a sheltered area such as a garage, car port, shed or any other protected area to prevent direct contact with the elements. For additional uses, click on the “Applications” tab.

(4 anchor bolts are supplied with every AnchorHog®)