Security Anchor Kit – Zinc Plated

Security Anchor Kit – Zinc Plated


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The ultimate security anchor kit includes everything you need to have the confidence that your valuables are protected anywhere you store them – inside or out. The kit includes:

  • Security Anchor – Zinc Plated
  • AnchorHog Braided Steel Looped Cable – 7 feet
  • AnchorHog Commercial Brass Padlock
  • Masonry Drill Bit for Concrete or Brick

All AnchorHogs are packaged with four (4) ¼” diameter x 2¾” long premium One® Exterior Multi-Material Screws. Required for installation, these premium fasteners feature a bronze epoxy coating that is recommended for exterior projects and treated lumber.

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Security Anchor – Original Zinc Plated

  • Patented two-piece interlocking design prevents would-be-thieves from pulling it from its mounting position.
  • Versatile
    • Mount it anywhere – concrete, brick, and wood.
    • Designed for 3 padlocks to secure multiple items to one security anchor.
    • Great for securing a portable generator, kayak, bike, grill, lawn equipment, outdoor furniture, tools, trailer and much more.
  • Secure – Made of heavy #12-gauge 304 steel for maximum strength and security
  • Perfect for moderate weather conditions

AnchorHog Braided Steel Looped Cable -
7 Feet

  • 3/8" (10-millimeter) diameter braided steel for maximum strength and flexibility.
  • Protective coating protects against scratches.

AnchorHog Commercial Brass Padlock

  • 5 Pin Tumbler Mechanism
  • 1 3/4" Solid Brass Body
  • Shackle: Stainless Steel
  • Shackle Diameter: 5/16"
  • Vertical Clearance: 1 5/8"
  • Horizontal Clearance: 7/8"

Masonry Drill Bit for Concrete or Brick

  • 3/16" diameter x 6" length


for use in moderate weatherThe Zinc Plated AnchorHog® is corrosion resistant and great for covered areas or outdoors with moderate weather conditions.


“Just writing to let you know how much my wife and I enjoy knowing that our exterior grill is now secured! AnchorHog has brought this level of security to us in a clean and non-intrusive manner.”
Paul R. from Louisville, KY

“Anchor Hog is like no other product I’ve seen on the market. I’m using it to secure my equipment to my trailer and in my workshop. I’m extremely confident that my equipment is safe and secured. Installation instructions were well written and easy to follow. Even included hardware! Price is very reasonable. I’d recommend this product to anyone.”
Greg L. from Taylorsville, KY

“I received my Anchor Hog about 3 months ago. The product was nicely packaged with screws, instructions, and a key ring for you lock key, nice touch. It was simple to install only took less than 5 minutes. I used the Anchor Hog to secure my 2 kayaks to my kayak rack. I purchased the zinc plated one due to I live on the Georgia coast and there is a lot of salt in the air which makes metal rust fast. Since I have installed it there has been no rust.”
Byron L. from Brunswick, GA