Introducing the AnchorHog® x Wilson Bohannan Solid Brass Padlock

AnchorHog with AnchorHog x Wilson Bahannan brass padlock

In a world where staying secure is not a luxury but a necessity, our latest gear — the AnchorHog® x Wilson Bohannan Brass Padlock — offers a rugged and reliable choice for keeping things safe and sound.

By manufacturing our own accessories, we can guarantee top-notch security and perfect fit with AnchorHog security anchors. And we definitely picked the right partner for this product release.

Wilson Bohannan, the go-to experts in security locking mechanisms, was the clear choice to team up with for our first branded padlock. They’ve been producing padlocks in nearby Ohio for over 160 years. Just like us, their products are proudly made in America. Plus, they use the most advanced equipment of any padlock manufacturer in the world. AnchorHog® and Wilson Bohannan are names you can trust.

AnchorHog inventor, Frank Lauyans, shares his excitement about the partnership: “Not everything you purchase is American made but when you do buy American, everyone benefits. You have the insurance of quality. My first choice is American made!”

A Compact Stronghold

The AnchorHog x Wilson Bohannan Solid Brass Padlock isn’t your average lock; it’s a heavy-duty protective stronghold. Made from solid brass, it’s the ultimate sidekick for your AnchorHog, with an innovative design that resists invasive tampering or lockpicking tricks.

Brass is ideal because it doesn’t rust, so this lock is gonna keep looking good and working great no matter what — come rain, shine, or that salty beach air. Plus, with its pin tumbler setup inside, it’s not just beating the elements; it’s giving thieves a run for their money, too.

Why Choose AnchorHog?

When you choose AnchorHog, you’re investing in confidence. Our company has carved a niche in the security industry by offering products that are made in America and rigorously tested to keep your valuables safe.

To Sum It Up…

The AnchorHog® x Wilson Bohannan Brass Padlock is not just about keeping stuff safe; think of it as a superhero looking out for your peace of mind. Need to lock up your gear at home or keep your stuff safe at the office? This padlock is like a personal security guard for your valuables.

AnchorHog products are tough, they’re reliable, and they’ve got your back no matter what. That’s just what we’re all about. So don’t just lock your stuff — lock it and leave it without worrying.