AnchorHog Provides the Ideal Way to Secure Electric Bikes

e-bike secured by AnchorHog

In recent years electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, have become increasingly popular in the U.S. and around the world. Electric motor-provided pedal assistance makes it easier for e-bike riders to travel long distances or uphill without exerting too much effort.

E-bikes are widely popular because they are suitable for people of all fitness levels, including older adults and those with physical limitations. While electric bike technology is not new, developments such as improved lithium-ion battery (LIB) technology, have made e-bikes more practical and powerful.

Electric Bike Sales on the Rise

According to Deloitte research, e-bike sales are expected to top 40 million units worldwide, generating about $20 billion in revenue in 2025. This rising popularity is likely due in part to governments incentivizing the use of e-bikes as a means to reduce traffic congestion and improve public health. In many cities, e-bikes are allowed on bike lanes and pathways, making them a convenient mode of transportation for commuters.

E-Bikes are a Significant Investment

E-bikes are an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation compared to cars, but they are not a cheap item to purchase. The top e-bike models recommended by Bicycling magazine range from $1300 to $2700. Like all cyclists, owners of e-bikes should protect their bicycles from theft, not just when they are out, but also at home.

Given their high price tags, e-bikes are especially attractive targets for theft. In fact, e-bicycles are three times more likely to be stolen than traditional bikes. As more and more people purchase electric bikes, it will be important for e-bike owners to adequately protect these investments from theft.

Securing Electric Bicycles to Protect from Theft

If you own an electric bike, securing it does present some unique and specific challenges to consider. For example, you will want to make sure it is not vulnerable to theft while it is charging. Also, you will need to protect the individual e-bike components, which may be even more of a target for being stolen. For example, e-bike batteries are the most commonly stolen part of any e-bike. recommends running the lock through the handle of the battery, if it has one to provide a little more deterrence.

AnchorHog Offers Dependable Protection for E-Bikes

AnchorHog is a security anchor that provides an additional layer of protection for your e-bike. The AnchorHog security anchor has a small footprint, covered screws, and securely installs into a wall, concrete floor, or another solid surface within a garage. As a tamper-proof device, it provides a solid place to anchor your e-bike anti-theft lock and cable.

The AnchorHog can secure up to 3 bikes and any other valuable property that is kept or used in the garage. In addition to the original and stainless steel models, AnchorHog is also available in a series of powder coated colors in environments where style is important.

There are several models of this versatile and affordable device available. Not only can individual electric bike owners benefit from AnchorHog protection, e-bike rental fleet managers can also use AnchorHog products to secure an entire lot of bikes.

Now is the time to shop AnchorHog’s line of dependable product solutions. You can save $5 on the purchase of an AnchorHog Kit that includes all you need to complete your installation. Shop for your AnchorHog now!