Save Christmas Decorations from Theft

outdoor christmas decorations

In early December 2022, a family from Houston, Texas, awoke to find that a giant inflatable Rudolph had been stolen from their front yard. That same week, police officers in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, recovered nativity scenes that were stolen from numerous residences and resold.

These news stories are disturbing but hardly surprising. Whenever items of value are left unattended on your property, they are in an ideal position to be seized. And during the holiday season, decorations can be quickly and stealthily resold for a hefty payday.

What could have prevented these thefts? Quite simply: an AnchorHog on the premises.

Simply install an AnchorHog ground anchor on your porch or deck, in the brick of your house, or on the walkway leading to your home. Tether your decorations with a cable and lock, and then attach the lock to the AnchorHog. It’s that easy.

With AnchorHog you can sleep well at night while your decorations brightly shine unattended.

An added bonus: AnchorHog is completely removable, so you can uninstall it in January. Alternatively, keep it installed and it’s ready for next year – or for storing other valuables outdoors year-round.

Here are some of the many Christmas decorations that can be secured by AnchorHog:

  • Nativity scenes
  • Angels and stars
  • Santa, reindeer and elf figurines
  • Oversized ornaments and gift boxes
  • Other holiday props like candy canes, snowmen, polar bears and more

Don’t let thieves ruin Christmas. Install an AnchorHog and boldly celebrate your passion for Christmas decor for years to come!