Popularity of Cycling Rises, Along with Bike Theft

man stealing bicycle

Cycling has become more popular in recent years, with more people relying on bicycles – not only for exercise and recreation, but for day to day transportation too.

During the pandemic, many commuters opted to avoid public transportation and instead use their bikes as a safer travel option. Now, with the more recent spike in gas prices, cycling provides a much more affordable means of transportation.

Bike Theft Increased 24% from 2019 to 2020

Unfortunately, the rise in popularity of cycling has been accompanied by an increase in bike theft. An NPR report from last spring revealed that the pandemic led to both a boom in bike sales and an increase in demand, which led to a nationwide bike shortage. According to data from the nationwide bicycle registry, the Bike Index, at the end of 2020, an estimated 96,583 bikes were stolen, an approximately 24% increase over 2019.

Can You Assume Your Bike is Safe at Home?

It is easy to assume your bicycle is safe once you get it home, but unfortunately that may not be the case. According to Velosurance, an insurance company that specializes in serving cyclists, the “#1 place for bicycles to be stolen from is your home, particularly the garage.”

Garages typically face the street, providing the opportunity for quick entry and exit. Garages can be particularly vulnerable as many families leave the garage door open, especially during the summer months. It doesn’t take thieves long to notice homes with open garage doors and desirable contents inside, including bicycles.

Even when garage doors are closed, skilled thieves do not require much time to gain entry and slip away with bikes, power tools, and other valuable property.

AnchorHog is the Ultimate Line of Defense Against Bike Theft

Smart bike owners have what they need to secure their bikes while they are using them away from home. It just makes sense to take the same precautions at home. However, while locking up a bicycle while it is parked in a home garage does offer increased protection, Velosurance recommends locking “bikes to something solid in the garage.”

The AnchorHog allows you to do just that.

This secure ground anchor features a small footprint, covered screws, and securely installs into a wall, concrete floor, or other solid surface within the garage. This tamper-proof device provides a solid place to anchor your anti-theft lock and cable. Simply store your bike wherever you want in your garage, and the versatile AnchorHog security anchor can be installed near that location.

In fact, the AnchorHog can secure up to 3 bikes and any other valuable property that is kept or used in the garage. There are several affordable models available. In addition to the original and stainless steel models, AnchorHog is also available in a series of powder coated colors in environments where style is important.

Protect your bike today. Shop AnchorHog’s line of dependable product solutions.