How Homeowners and HOAs Can Foster Safer Neighborhoods

nighttime house safety

In planned communities, pressure is on Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to provide more effective security solutions. Though the HOA does have some responsibility in assuring security, particularly in common areas, crime prevention efforts should include individual residents being proactive in securing their own properties.

Home security is indeed a growing concern for homeowners, as many areas seem to be having rising incidents of theft. Following a decrease in property crime during the pandemic, the newest data reveals crime has jumped up to 1,000% across the largest U.S. cities. Smart HOAs are reminding homeowners that a safe neighborhood starts with a safe home.

Individual Home Protection Multiplies Community Security

As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When it comes to home security, there are ways to reduce the probability of your home, and even your community, from becoming a target for thieves. Your HOA’s security efforts will focus on community-wide efforts like installing security cameras at gated road entries or locked gates around common areas like the pool.

As a homeowner, you can and should take charge of protecting your personal property. These individual efforts will have a security multiplying effect for the entire community because if a particular area is known for securing its property, thieves will pass it by for more “profitable” neighborhoods.

Ways to Deter and Prevent Home Break-Ins

Instead of taking a passive approach by relying entirely on your HOA for security, there are ways for you to be proactive in protecting yourself and your property. Safeguard your home by doing these things:

  • Install exterior motion sensor lighting around the entry points of your home and install security cameras in strategic areas
  • Avoid having bushes and shrubs near doors and windows, or keep them well trimmed
  • Install an alarm system, and post signs notifying potential burglars and trespassers of your alarm system
  • When out of town, make it look like you’re home by having your mail collected and use lights on a timer

Be Sure to Protect Property Outside of the House

Don’t stop at protecting your house from the inside. Secure the valuable property that you have outside, too.

Consider that while burglary involves breaking into a home, larceny is theft that does not necessarily involve a break in. In 2020, larceny and theft made up the majority of property crime at 45.7% of those offenses. Whether it is your expensive patio furniture, emergency generator, or outdoor grill, thieves may target these more accessible items for quick theft to sell online for a fast buck.

Be sure to lock up these items and add an extra layer of protection by installing an AnchorHog security anchor. The incredibly versatile AnchorHog is the perfect security solution against theft for any location where you have valuables to protect and secure. Its unique compact design prevents thieves from destroying it and gives you the flexibility to anchor it to any surface. You can attach up to 3 padlocks to secure all your important stuff like bikes, a lawn mower, tools and more. Most thieves want unlocked items they can steal in minutes, and when your property is tethered to an AnchorHog, thieves will move on to a softer target.

When protecting your home, property, and community, remember that every ounce of prevention can provide significant protection against loss. Make a plan to improve your security, and start with the easiest and most affordable steps, like installing an AnchorHog.

Learn more about the ways this ingenious system can protect your investments, and stay safe out there.