Tips for Keeping Your Bicycle Safe from Theft

secured bicycle, side view

Thousands of bikes go missing each year, and most are never returned. The best way to prevent bicycle theft is to lock your bike well. Here are six best practices for protecting your bicycle from theft:

1. Mark your bike so you can identify it

In case you lose your bike, you’ll want to be able to identify it. Mark it with stickers, tape, or other decals so you can recognize it.

2. Store your bike in well-lit areas

Just by parking your bike near a streetlight, you can prevent theft – would-be bike thieves don’t want to draw attention by stealing bikes from lit areas.

3. Use a high-quality lock and chain

Cable locks aren’t strong enough to deter theft. At minimum, use a U-lock and a chain to secure the frame and wheel to a heavy object. Consider secondary locks for objects like seats.

4. Thread the chain through both wheels and the bicycle frame

It’s not enough to have the right locks, you need to set them up correctly. A chain should be threaded through the wheels and around the frame, so all parts of the bike are protected.

5. Chain the bicycle to something heavy

Never lock your bike to anything that can be moved, because a bike can be stolen if it’s locked to a movable object. In cities, parking meters or street lamps work well, as do fences – but avoid any signs that say “no bike parking.”

6. Install an AnchorHog at home to securely lock your bike

If you can’t throw your bicycle in a securely locked garage at home, the next best course of action is to install an AnchorHog, a secure type of ground anchor with a small footprint and covered screws. All AnchorHog models and related accessories, are available here.

By following these steps, you’ll prevent your bike from getting stolen no matter where you go.