How Schools Can Use AnchorHog

soccer goalkeeper

As schools and universities continue remote learning or prepare for summer vacation, will on-campus valuables remain secure?

School campuses are covered in valuable property, much of which is unattended outdoors. Expensive and practical items left outside are especially in danger of being stolen when not in use. It is crucial to invest in tools that deter possible theft from occurring.

Which School Items Are Secured by AnchorHog®?

We recommend schools purchase AnchorHog ground anchors, which can be used to secure a wide range of valuables on campus. These items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Bike racks
  • Outdoor tables and benches
  • Playground equipment
  • Sports equipment (ie. goal posts, strength training machinery)
  • Bleachers and stadium seating
  • Artwork and signage
  • Statues and trophy cases
  • Trailers used for classroom instruction
  • Landscaping vehicles (ie. mowers, golf carts)

Keep Your Campus Secure with AnchorHog®

AnchorHog offers users easy and quick installation! Install yours in a durable surface indoors or outdoors, such as a:

  • brick or concrete wall
  • concrete slab in grassy areas
  • concrete sidewalks (not intended for asphalt blacktop)
  • solid wood surfaces

Want to show your school spirit? We offer a Designer Series of AnchorHog security anchors in black, red, and yellow. If any of these colors are used in your school’s logo or official colors, our Designer Series can help create a more cohesive look around campus.

Our stainless steel AnchorHog is ideal for outdoor applications, as it is designed with the intention of withstanding harsh weather conditions. However, any AnchorHog model can be used outdoors.

We hope you’ll consider the addition of AnchorHog(s) to keep your school’s property and equipment secured – whether or not students are there. Enjoy the rest of your academic school year!