5 Things You Can Do to Secure Your Boat Trailer

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Your boat is your pride and joy and you want to know you’ve done everything you can to protect your boat and boat trailer. Here are five steps to deter theft.

1. Trailer Wheel Lock

A trailer wheel lock or a boot lock locks the wheels, so they can’t be moved, essentially making it next to impossible to haul away the trailer.

2. Install Trailer Couple Locks

Couple locks, also known as hitch and tongue locks, protect the boat trailer where it’s most vulnerable, at the hitch. Combined with a wheel lock, your trailer will be highly protected.

3. Use a Chain and Padlock

The more locks you can add, the better, from a security point of view. A length of chain can go through the trailer wheel and around the trailer. This is chiefly a deterrence and should always be used with other locking methods. A determined thief could use a bolt cutter to cut the chain, but most will simply look for something that’s easier to steal when a chain and padlock is combined with other security methods.

4. Use a Ground Anchor

Whenever you’re locking up your boat trailer, look for something immovable. Ground anchors work well here because they have a small footprint and easily install into materials, such as concrete or wood. AnchorHog ground anchors feature a secure top plate, which covers over the bolts so a would-be thief cannot remove the ground anchor and take the boat trailer.

5. Get a GPS Asset Tracker

If a thief somehow manages to get away with your boat trailer despite these precautions, a GPS asset tracker will help you get it back. What you’re really paying for here is peace of mind.

Now that you know what you need to protect your boat trailer, get locking devices now!