Your Secret Hurricane Defense

hurricane on beach

Forecasters predict the 2020 Atlantic hurricane season will go into “hyperdrive” by the end of August, as several weather patterns that favor storm formation begin to align.

AccuWeather meteorologist Bernie Rayno cites the patterns of unusually warm sea water in the Atlantic – which provides the fuel for hurricanes to develop – and weaker wind shear, which when strong can act to tear storms apart before they grow.

If you live in the Eastern United States, prepare your hurricane kits and stay tuned in to the news! As we continue to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, our hearts are with those who face the added stress of an active hurricane season.

Damaging Winds

We strongly recommend the purchase of an AnchorHog before the next storm hits. AnchorHog security anchors avert the damaging effects of strong winds on valued items such as:

  • boats and kayaks
  • outdoor furniture
  • bicycles and sporting equipment
  • …and more

Our stainless steel model is ideal for outdoor use and will not corrode with exposure to rain, salt water and other elements.

Rise in Theft

And don’t forget: AnchorHog can protect your valuables from spikes in theft that often accompany hurricanes. When people evacuate in anticipation of a hurricane, their unoccupied homes are more vulnerable to theft. People acting in desperation after the storm may choose to loot, destroying property in their communities. And others may steal from homes and businesses during reconstruction when property is already in disarray.

By securing your outdoor items with AnchorHog, you can be assured that your property will stay in place…no matter what hurricane season brings.

Effective in Hurricane Dorian

Byron L. from Brunswick, GA, used an AnchorHog to secure his kayaks during Hurricane Dorian. He writes, “I used the Anchor Hog to anchor down my 2 kayaks during hurricane Dorian. After the hurricane passed the kayaks were still in place though the wind. I recommend this product for security and wind.”

We here at AnchorHog wish you and your family safety during this challenging time, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about our products – just ask.