Best Devices to Secure Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle theft is on the rise, so what’s the best way to keep your motorcycle secure?

Security Chain and Padlock

A security chain and padlock offer convenient protection for your motorcycle while you’re on the go. Park next to an immovable object, like a gate, then thread the chain through your motorcycle and secure with a padlock.

Disc Lock

Small disc locks attach to the brake to prevent thieves from moving your motorcycle. They’re lightweight and portable but aren’t standalone solutions; for best results, use a disc lock with a security chain and padlock. One caution with these: you could damage your motorcycle if you try to drive off with the disc brake still attached, so always remember to remove the disc lock when unlocking your motorcycle.

Alarm or Tracking Device

Alarms devices deter thieves by sounding a loud noise, but they won’t prevent your motorcycle from being stolen. Likewise, tracking devices won’t prevent your bike from being stolen; however,
they may help you track the missing motorcycle. You might want an alarm or tracking device for peace of mind (or an insurance premium discount), but it won’t safeguard your motorcycle.

AnchorHog Ground Anchor

A motorcycle ground anchor and chain is the most reliable way to protect your motorcycle. Since the ground anchor embeds in the ground (including concrete), in brick, or in a wall stud, it provides a permanent solution for home or business.

The AnchorHog Ground Anchor has a small footprint and is easy to install, with covered screws to prevent removal. Once installed, use a chain and padlock to connect your motorcycle to the

Most motorcycle riders need at-home and on-the-go solutions that protect their precious bike. Now that you understand the options for preventing motorcycle theft, you can purchase the right devices so your ride stays safe no matter where the road takes you.

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