Secure Your Motorcycle the Right Way

red motorcycle

The best defense is a good offense: that’s true for preventing motorcycle theft as much as sports. Learn how to secure your motorcycle the right way and deter thieves.

Lock the Steering

Lock the steering to make the bike difficult to move. While a burglar could pick the lock, they will probably just look for a bike that’s easier to steal.

Set up the Chain Properly

Lock and chain combinations are popular and can be effective, but only when you set up the chain correctly. Don’t be lazy and let it drag on the ground. Don’t just slip it through the wheel. Instead, tether the chain to a heavy, secure object (such as a street lamp). Wrap the chain several times to reduce slack if you need to.

Elevate the Lock

Once the chain is secure, lock the motorcycle to the unmovable object. If motorcycles are not chained to something heavy, the thief might be able to lift the bike right into a waiting truck, then deal with cutting off the lock and chain later.

Don’t allow the lock to drag on the ground as this can give the thief leverage they can use to force the lock open.

Use an AnchorHog®

AnchorHog ground anchors are recommended anywhere you regularly park your motorcycle, such as outside your home. Because they’re anchored in the ground they are virtually impossible to remove. The AnchorHog’s covered screw mechanism prevents a burglar from simply removing the device. This motorcycle ground anchor attaches to everything from wall studs to brick to concrete. Any thief who sees a motorcycle ground anchor and chain knows it won’t be worth it to try to take the bike.

Remember to lock your motorcycle every time you leave it. It only takes one slip-up to leave your bike vulnerable to theft.