Protecting Workplace Assets with AnchorHog Ground Anchors

installed anchorhog

You might assume that heavy landscaping equipment or large items like picnic tables would be safe from threat because of their size, but there has been an increase in theft of large-scale business equipment. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to preventing theft of your business’s outdoor assets.

Business Theft on the Rise

Commercial equipment is expensive and often indistinguishable. Can you tell one picnic table from another?

For these reasons, outdoor assets tempt thieves, who figure they can turn a quick profit by selling outdoor furniture or landscaping equipment. While these assets are heavy, they’re usually unguarded and unlocked so it’s easy for a thief to take them.

Why Your Business Needs AnchorHog

A durable ground anchor that can hold up to three items, AnchorHog provides secure protection for all of your outdoor access including:

  • outdoor benches
  • picnic tables
  • landscaping equipment
  • indoor equipment
  • supplies

AnchorHog can be mounted on almost any surface including brick, concrete, and wooden studs. Naturally rust-resistant stainless steel is a popular choice for outdoors, as it stands up to harsh weather conditions, while zinc plated or powder coat (available in your choice of colors) suits indoor applications.

To protect your outdoor assets using AnchorHog, thread security cables around each of the assets. For something like a picnic table, make sure the cable goes through the legs and can’t be slipped off. Then connect the cables to the AnchorHog and lock it tight. A covered screw design means that thieves can’t pop open the ground anchor and steal your items.

If your workplace equipment is stolen, the odds of getting it back are less than 25 percent. Given the inconvenience of replacing items your employees rely on for work or for lunch breaks, it makes sense to secure your valuable equipment with an AnchorHog for your business.