Protecting Landscaping Business Equipment from Theft

landscaping equipment

Theft is a big problem in the landscaping business, but it doesn’t need to be…when you know the best way to protect your equipment while on remote job sites.

Landscaping Equipment Theft: What You Need to Know

Because much landscaping equipment is designed to be pushed or ridden (such as lawnmowers or trucks), it is relatively easy to steal. Smaller equipment, including hand tools, can be tossed in a truck.

Landscaping business equipment is at risk if stored in an unlocked garage, in the business van when parked in front of a client’s home, or left unattended on the job site. Most equipment that goes missing is never returned. Meanwhile, loss of business equipment can prevent you from servicing clients, directly leading to lost revenue.

How to Protect Landscaping Equipment From Theft

Train employees to always return tools not in use to the truck. Vehicles should be locked when unattended — even if you think that you’re in a relatively crime-free area, such as a suburban neighborhood.

If you’re leaving equipment unattended for long periods of time (such as over the winter), consider additional ways to safeguard it. You might remove the batteries from handheld equipment, rendering it inoperable. For wheeled equipment, such as lawnmowers, wheel locks can make the unit difficult to steal.

Ground anchors, such as AnchorHog products, offer secure storage of valuable business equipment using a cable and padlock system. The AnchorHog unit attaches to walls or floors and accommodates up to three pieces of equipment, which is secured with padlocks. Since the unit’s locking plate covers over the screws, items that are secured to the AnchorHog cannot be stolen. Nor can the ground anchor be removed while the unit is in the locked position.

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