Construction Site Equipment Deserves AnchorHog

Heavy equipment theft is a huge risk, leaving construction companies vulnerable to loss. While it’s difficult to lock up equipment while a secure structure is still being built, there are ways around this. Here’s how to secure construction equipment with AnchorHog, a unique ground anchor.

What You Need to Know About Construction Site Theft

Recent estimates indicate that the average value of missing or stolen equipment is $29,000, with some $400,000,000 in construction equipment stolen annually in the US.

Thieves prioritize equipment that is easy to move (including items that can be driven away) and those with high value, but anything that is not secured is at risk. The newer a piece of equipment appears, the more valuable it is to thieves; most things that go missing are less than 10 years old.

Why AnchorHog®

AnchorHog® security anchors easily mount to brick, wood, and concrete pads (which can be relocated around the site as the project develops), and are made of strong metal that resists environmental damage.

One AnchorHog can secure up to three items, providing protection for small equipment, generators, and tool boxes. Larger equipment can be tethered with cables.

Once the cover plate is locked, AnchorHog’s covered screw design hides the screws, meaning that the ground anchor cannot be removed by would-be thieves. This offers better protection for valuable equipment.

How it Works

AnchorHog secures items between an interlocking base and a hard plate, with hardware covered by the plate. The unit is mounted on walls or floors and can be easily moved when in the unlocked position, yet is impenetrable when locked. It’s the most affordable and flexible solution to the problem of stolen equipment.

Less than one-quarter of stolen equipment is returned to the owner after theft. Rather than replace costly equipment after theft, wouldn’t it be smarter to protect it with a flexible, simple solution like AnchorHog?