Which Trailer Tie-Down Anchors Provide the Best Overall Security?

anchorhog trailer tie-down anchor

When it comes to securing trailers and cargo loads, there are a wide variety of tie-down anchor solutions available.

The best choice for securing your trailer will depend on your trailer configurations and the type of security you need. Choosing the right tie-down security system will allow you to secure not only cargo, but the trailer itself with an extra level of security and stability.

Types of Tie-Down Anchors

Single Point Tie-Down Anchors

These anchors are designed to mount to flat surfaces and often require hardware, including a backing plate, which calls for access to the backside of the mounting surface.

Single point anchors can include:

  • Movable anchors – clamp to the side rails of the trailer
  • Stake pocket anchors – fit in trailer stake pockets
  • Cleats – provide anchor points for ropes
  • Surface mount anchors – low profile surface mounted
  • Snap-Loc anchors – easy access anchor point when needed
  • Recessed anchors – situated below the mounting surface
  • Weld-on D-ring – must be attached to weldable surface; no backside access needed

Track System Tie-Down Anchors

This type of trailer tie-down anchor system offers a high degree of flexibility for hauling multiple items at the same time or regularly securing different types of items.

  • E-track – Versatile, low profile, consists of strips of track that have a row of slots that are made to receive spring-loaded connectors.
  • O-track – Light-duty, strips of aluminum track can be mounted on any flat surface to provide a continuous row of connection points for O-track cargo tie-down anchors.

Ground Tie-Down Anchors

Ground anchors are mounted into the ground to secure the tie-down tightly in place. A number of different types of ground anchors are available to suit various soil and surface conditions.

  • Auger anchors – designed for soft or hard soil
  • Rock or drive anchors – designed for rock or cement

AnchorHog® Trailer Tie-Down Anchor Security

trailer tie down anchor sideviewAnchorHog® is the secure trailer tie-down anchor solution that secures both cargo and the trailer itself. This dependable tie-down anchor system quickly mounts to concrete, brick, or a wood structure with only basic tools required. AnchorHog is perfect for securing trailers that are outdoors, around a building perimeter, in a storage shed or parked on a driveway.

Available in zinc plated or stainless steel models for harsh environments, AnchorHog provides a versatile trailer tie-down anchor security solution that offers tamper-resistant industrial strength security.

The rugged AnchorHog is affordably priced and can be installed in about 15 minutes. You can install AnchorHogs inside your trailer as single point tie-downs to secure cargo, and also install additional AnchorHog units to storage structures or parking surfaces to provide extra security for the trailer against theft when it is not in use.

Don’t wait another day to have peace of mind with a secure and dependable trailer tie-down solution. Shop AnchorHog’s line of versatile product solutions today.