Protecting Your Pool Equipment and Furnishings

pool scene

Theft is on the rise in communities hit by high foreclosure rates and housing shortages. Outdoor and pool equipment is increasingly vulnerable, since it is often left unattended outside, where anyone could steal it. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to secure pool equipment: ground anchors.

What are Ground Anchors?

Ground anchors like AnchorHog® attach to the ground (or a wall) and anchor cables that secure important equipment or furniture. One AnchorHog can support as many as three items using a cable lock solution. When the ground anchor is locked, its screws are covered, which means the ground anchor itself is impenetrable. When the unit is unlocked, it can be removed for go-anywhere installation to concrete, brick, wood, or other surfaces.

Why Use Ground Anchors for Pool Equipment?

Pool equipment is essential and expensive: Without a pool pump or pool heater, you won’t be able to enjoy the swimming pool.

Expensive equipment is often stolen or sabotaged during the foreclosure process, because homeowners (or renters, who were unaware their landlord wasn’t paying the mortgage) are angry and hurt. Taking anything that isn’t nailed down is a way to vent their feelings. In some cases, disreputable pool service technicians steal equipment for resale on the open market, where there’s a significant demand.

No matter who might be interested in taking pool equipment and outdoor furniture, deterrence using a ground anchor is the cheapest and easiest solution: If something can’t be stolen quickly, a would-be thief will look elsewhere.

To protect and enjoy your pool, tether the pool vacuum, heater, pump, and salt chlorinator (as well as any outdoor loungers or other furniture) to ground anchors when not in use.

Always tie up pool equipment before you take a vacation, when someone might notice your absence and plan accordingly.

Ready to protect your pool from thieves? Shop AnchorHog ground anchors today.