Protecting Your Property from Grab and Go Thieves

thief door break-in

A burglary happens every 13 seconds. Thinking it will never happen to them is the top reason most homeowners don’t protect their property. If you would be devastated by a home burglary, here are four steps to protect your property.

Check your home for weaknesses

The first step in preventing burglary is to think like a thief. Walk around your property looking for easy access points. Maybe the garage is unlocked, or there’s a first-floor window that could easily be pried open. Note any weaknesses so you can make a plan.

Trim Shrubs

Tall or bushy shrubs camouflage thieves and allow them to roam around your yard undetected. Trim shrubs down to eliminate a favorite hiding place of burglars. For greater deterrence, plant dense or thorny shrubs in your front yard garden close to home windows.

Install Motion Sensing Lights

Motion sensing lights are the best protection you can have against nighttime threats. These lights detect movement and shine on when something passes through your yard. There may be false triggers from animals or pedestrians passing your property, but you’ll still be protected because thieves will tend to steer clear of brightly lit areas.

Secure expensive items with a chain, lock, and AnchorHog®

Add extra protection for your expensive items with an AnchorHog, a protective device invented by Frank Lauyans. An AnchorHog connects up to three items with a secure lock and covered screw mechanism that is impenetrable to thieves. Grab and go thieves want unlocked equipment they can steal in minutes, and when your bicycle, grill, ladder, air compressor, lawnmower, or other equipment is tether to an AnchorHog, they will go elsewhere.

AnchorHog is a convenient solution for homeowners because it has a small footprint, attaches easily to walls and concrete, and secures multiple items. Browse available color options today.