Protect Your Patio Furniture with AnchorHog

patio furniture

With a rise in the theft of high-end patio furniture, homeowners want to know what they can do to protect their outdoor living areas from theft. Use these tips to secure your furniture.

Make the Property Less Inviting

Most thieves are looking for properties that are easy to access. By making your yard look uninviting you can deter most thieves. Keep shrubs trimmed back so they’re not tall enough to hide thieves from sight of passerby. Install motion-sensing lights throughout the backyard. Last, check your property for areas of vulnerability and assess what you can do. Installing a security camera in a dark corner can give a thief pause.

Secure Patio Furniture at Night

Used steel cables and a padlock to lock patio furniture at night. Make sure that the cable runs through each item (for instance through the rungs of a chair), so a thief cannot pick up the item and move it.

For convenience, install a security anchor to the side of your house or even to the base of your patio. A security anchor has a small footprint, so it won’t affect the look of your outdoor landscaping. AnchorHog security anchor connects to wood, brick, cement and other materials and acts as a secure base for your cable and padlock. Each AnchorHog security anchor can secure three items.

For small items, such as cushions, get a locking box and secure all the cushions inside the box each night.

Don’t Leave Furniture Outside

If you’re going on an extended vacation, move your patio furniture inside the garage. Take it in at the end of the season; this not only prevents weathering but helps keep furniture safe.

With a few precautions, you will be able to protect your nice furniture from thieves, so that you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.