Outdoor Grills: Winter Storage & Security Tips

grilling food outside

As colder weather moves in and summer outdoor activities wind down, many people are doing less outdoor grilling.

If you are having fewer barbecues, your outdoor grill may be out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, an unattended grill has higher chance of getting damaged by the elements…or even stolen by thieves. It’s important to store and secure your outdoor grill properly to keep it protected.

Storing Your Grill

If you take the time to store your outdoor grill properly, it will last for years to come. Here is some “red-hot” grill storage advice from our team:

  • Clean your grill thoroughly by clearing out ashes, grease, and food scraps from the inside of the grill. Scrub (and soak if needed) removable burners to get rid of last season’s grime.
  • Coat burners (and any metal components that are apt to rust) with cooking oil if the storage environment is prone to dampness.
  • Be sure to cover your grill to protect it from excessive leaves, rain, and snow.
  • Avoid storing the grill under a gutter since rain and snow flowing through the gutter may result in damage.
  • If storing a propane tank outdoors, keep the tank connected but closed. If you’re keeping it in a garage or shed, disconnect the tank and place a plastic bag over the gas line to keep pests out.

Can’t Stop Grilling When It’s Cold?

For those of you who simply refuse to stop grilling as the temperature drops, here are some helpful tips to keep grilling in the winter:

  • Be patient when waiting for the grill to heat up. Colder temperatures can make it harder for the grill to heat up to the desired temperature (especially when using a charcoal grill).
  • Avoid the wind as much as possible. Windy conditions can prevent the grill from properly cooking your food.
  • Keep the area around the grill clear of snow and ice to reduce the chance of slips and falls.
  • Keep the grill lid closed as much as possible to minimize the amount of heat escaping.

Securing Your Grill with AnchorHog®

It is critical to realize that your grill is vulnerable to theft when it is stored outside. We recommend that you secure your outdoor grill with an AnchorHog to reduce the chance of it being stolen. AnchorHog can be installed onto a variety of outdoor surfaces, such as:

  • a concrete slab in your yard
  • a wood-paneled deck
  • a brick or concrete patio
  • or an exterior wall of your home or other building (depending on the material)

We highly recommend the stainless steel AnchorHog for outdoor use since it is designed for dependable performance in harsh environments. Whatever AnchorHog model you choose, you can be confident your grill will be secure throughout every season.

We hope that all the tips from this article will be useful as you prepare for a little more time indoors. Cheers to summer fun as well as winter safety!