Protect Your Dream Garage with Confidence

red powder coated anchorhog

You’ve worked hard to make your garage look top-notch. But are your luxury cars and nice home attracting attention from thieves? Use these tips – including the use of an AnchorHog floor anchor – to protect high-value items in your garage from theft.

In recent years, homeowners everywhere have renovated their garages to incredible effect. Whether your garage renovation was intended to complement your luxury cars, to get organized, or to extend the design appeal of your home, we celebrate you!

But what happens when you go on vacation or are away from the house for the day? Here are a few simple strategies to keep your dream garage from turning into a thief’s fantasy.

Sturdy Garage Door and Locks

Choose a garage door constructed of a sturdy material, with hinges secured by long screws. Take the time to secure the door against impact by reinforcing the doorjamb, the door’s lock area, hinges, and strike plate. It would be ideal to add a high-quality deadbolt to your setup, too. Specialty garage door dealers may be available in your area, to further optimize garage door security.

Cover and Bar Windows

Out of sight, out of mind! When thieves cannot see the valuables in your garage, they will be less motivated to burglarize it. Consider windowless garage doors. And/or, cover windows with translucent film that allows light to enter the garage while concealing the view from outdoors. If you’re concerned that a thief could enter through a broken window, place bars over the windows to prevent any entry.

Place Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights is one of the most effective ways to improve your home security. When trespassers approach, the motion-sensor lights will scare them away. Even the most eager thieves will be hesitant to break in under the bright lights of a motion sensor. For one, they may assume they are being recorded by video (see suggestion below). If you live in a cold climate, we advise against the use of fluorescent bulbs, which take more time to turn on after motion is detected.

Add Security Cameras

The next logical step, security cameras add an extra level of protection for your garage. Feel free to place them in conspicuous positions to deflect thieves before they even approach! Today’s security cameras are affordable and easy to position; and they record everything for potential use in a police report.

Disable the Garage Door Opener When Away

When you are not at home, the garage door opener serves as a simple way for potential thieves to get inside your garage. To safeguard access to your garage, disable the garage door opener when away from home for an extended time. Use a timer to prevent entry during the hours when you are typically at work or out-and-about.

PRO TIP: Never save “Home” as a location on your phone in case someone steals your phone and can then locate your home address. If you have your garage remote connected to your phone, you are in trouble.

Install an AnchorHog

AnchorHog floor anchors easily install into garage flooring of any kind – including epoxy painted concrete popular in many high-end garages. You only need a few simple tools and less than 15 minutes to follow this tip! AnchorHog is ideal for securing items in your garage such as bikes and motorcycles, boats and kayaks, appliances, tools and more. Your dream garage just isn’t complete without AnchorHog.

We hope these suggestions are helpful as you renovate your garage. Please send us pictures of your AnchorHog install on our Facebook page – we’d love to see your luxurious garage, too!