Securing Valuables in Open Carports

anchorhogs in carport

If condo residents install an AnchorHog to secure their unprotected items, they feel confident that their items remain safe in an open garage.

Many condominiums have a garage or an open carport where condo owners store their valuables. Large outdoor items such as bicycles, kayaks, and other recreational items are too difficult to store indoors. However, storing such items in the open carport setting is not practical either! It’s a challenge many condo owners face.

unsecure location with bikes

An AnchorHog customer in Central Florida knew this problem all too well. In his condo community, the open carports are bustling places. And many of the faces he sees in his carport are unfamiliar: short-term renters, visitors, landscape and construction workers, among others. If anything were to happen to his bikes and kayaks, he’d have no clue who to suspect.

Luckily, in most condo communities like the one shown in these pictures, there are no restrictions preventing the condo owner from installing a security device like AnchorHog to a concrete base. With AnchorHog, you can safely secure your valuables in open spaces for years to come.

anchorhog securing bikes

This Central Florida customer shares: “I have been using the AnchorHog ground anchor to secure my bicycles and kayaks in a condo community in Florida where we don’t have access to a closed garage or shed and they are left unprotected in an open carport. Every day in Florida, condo communities have many people coming in and out of their community and have access to the open carports like landscape workers, visitors, construction workers and others. It was an easy security device to add as well – I just installed this heavy- duty security device into a concrete base and added the padlocks and chain. I can now feel completely confident that my property is safe, even when I go back home for the rest of the year.”

We appreciate hearing about how AnchorHog solves a wide range of security challenges like this one. And we encourage condo owners and others who store valuables in unsecured locations, to consider AnchorHog as a potential solution.