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Secure Your AnchorHog with a Masterlock Padlock

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, US law enforcement is on high guard against the threat of looting and property theft. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to secure your valuable belongings. Read on for a 30% discount on accessories.

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Construction Site Equipment Deserves AnchorHog

Heavy equipment theft is a huge risk, leaving construction companies vulnerable to loss. While it’s difficult to lock up equipment while a secure structure is still being built, there are ways around this. Here’s how to secure construction equipment with AnchorHog, a unique ground anchor.

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Protecting Workplace Assets with AnchorHog Ground Anchors

You might assume that heavy landscaping equipment or large items like picnic tables would be safe from threat because of their size, but there has been an increase in theft of large-scale business equipment. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution to preventing theft of your business’s outdoor assets.

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