Securing Your Garage Inside and Out

protect your garage

Is a garage door all that’s standing between a thief and your valuables? Typical garage doors are notoriously easy to enter, so let’s explore how to best secure your valuables.

How to Secure the Exterior of the Garage

Smart thieves may try to fish the garage door open from the outside, accessing the door’s emergency release. By adding a door lock shield (which you can make from plywood), you can prevent a thief from fishing the door open.

Lock side entry doors to the garage, as well as doors that connect the garage and house. This way, a thief can’t enter through an unlocked door.

Make a habit of taking the garage door opener with you, rather than relying on an opener that clips to your car’s sun visor — which is easy to steal during a window smash and grab.

Physically lock the door using a padlock when you go on vacation as one last precaution.

How to Secure the Inside of the Garage

When you understand how to secure your garage from thieves, the odds of anyone getting into the garage are low. However, you don’t want to leave expensive items untethered. As a precaution, plan to secure anything that’s valuable using a locking mechanism. We find the most secure setup to be a lock and cable tethered to a secure floor anchor.

AnchorHog products secure boats, bicycles, motorcycles, and other sporting equipment, as well as expensive home or business equipment. AnchorHog floor anchors secure to cement, wood, or other materials; and include a locking plate, which goes over the bolts to prevent a thief from removing the anchor. Any item locked to the floor anchor is thus secure until you remove it. There’s no better protection with a small footprint!

By taking these steps, you reduce your risk of theft, because an aspiring thief will go elsewhere when presented with so many deterrents.